Where to take value for SECRET_KEY?

Where to take value for SECRET_KEY in file .INI?

I couldn’t find anything that specifies requirements for the key, but you can probably just get away with using any of the generated keys here: https://randomkeygen.com/

Zyo: here you can find the procedure:
Configure Atlas API Access

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This doesn’t need to be an API Access key, it just needs to be a random string of characters (in fact you don’t have to change it at all - just recommended). See instructions in step 3 of “Ticket: Connection” …

  • It’s highly suggested you also change the SECRET_KEY to some very long, very random string. While this application is only meant for local use during this course, software has a strange habit of living a long time.

Hello zyo,

There are no requirements for the SECRET_KEY, but there should probably be an explanation for what makes a good one.

In the future, we will try to add a brief description of what the SECRET_KEY is and how it is used by the MFlix application.


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thanks for information