Where to find validation code for connection?


I have been able to run the application using “mvn spring-boot:run”. I have received the following logs -

2019-04-17 14:56:29.971 INFO 14908 — [ngodb.net:27017] org.mongodb.driver.cluster : Monitor thread successfully connected to server with description ServerDescription{address:27017=mflix-shard-00-01-ceuyy.mongodb.net, type=REPLICA_SET_SECONDARY, state=CONNECTED, ok=true, version=ServerVersion{versionList=[4, 0, 8]}, minWireVersion=0, maxWireVersion=7, maxDocumentSize=16777216, logicalSessionTimeoutMinutes=30, roundTripTimeNanos=326610700, setName=‘mflix-shard-0’, canonicalAddress:27017=mflix-shard-00-01-ceuyy.mongodb.net, hosts=[mflix-shard-00-00-ceuyy.mongodb.net:27017, mflix-shard-00-01-ceuyy.mongodb.net:27017, mflix-shard-00-02-ceuyy.mongodb.net:27017], passives=, arbiters=, primary=‘mflix-shard-00-00-ceuyy.mongodb.net:27017’, tagSet=TagSet{[Tag{name=‘region’, value=‘US_EAST_1’}, Tag{name=‘provider’, value=‘AWS’}, Tag{name=‘nodeType’, value=‘ELECTABLE’}]}, electionId=null, setVersion=1, lastWriteDate=Wed Apr 17 14:56:29 IST 2019, lastUpdateTimeNanos=95801814828200}

can you please tell where should I look for validation code for connection?


Hi @Gurpreet_Kaur_88116,

Your referring to Ticket: Database Connection correct?

In this lab instructions you can find the following text:

Is this not clear ?

Behaware that you need to connect to http://localhost:5000 first, but after that, you can find the button for the status page in the header navigation of the home page and from a direct link in this lab instructions.



Thanks Norberto! I got it.

I ran into the same problem, the direct link results in an jwtAuthEntryPoint Error

using first from root and navigating to /status solves the issue

What i need to do?..


OK, it works after new import…