Where to copy the m121.zips contents

My mongosh bin folder is C:\Program Files\MongoDB\mongosh-1.3.1-win32-x64\bin
The instructions simply say * Download the m121/chapter1.zip handout with this lab. Unzip the downloaded folder and copy its contents to the m121 directory.

I typically use Compass. As far as I know I dont have an m121 directory. Is the bin folder or nearby a good choice ?

Thanks !

You have to create the directory in your c: drive or desktop then unzip the attachment


Thanks Ramachandra. I have created a folder m121 off of c:.
The instructions say * Load validateLab1.js into mongo shell
In the mongosh prompt from compass I had : load(‘c:\m121\validateLab1.js’)

However I just get load is not currently implemented for this platform.

Clearly I am lost. Hints please ! Thanks

You have to use mongo not mongosh
Check our forum threads
.load ./validate.js may work as per one suggestion


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