Where should I set up the Vagrant Environment?

In Chapter 0: Introduction & Setup

Setting Up the Vagrant Environment

Where should I set up the Vagrant Environment? doing “vagrant up”, etc. Is it in my PC or in the VM?

Short Answer

Run them locally

Long Answer

The video and prompts walk through a process to set up a directory for the course. One should setup(run commands to setup) vagrant where the downloaded vagrant and provision files live.

If you are working on a Linux machine, one can set everything up from the home directory like this…

create a project directory
$ mkdir -p ~/m103/m103-vagrant-env/

unzip the course provided vagrant materials into the vagrant env directory
$ unzip ~/Downloads/m103-vagrant-env.zip -d ~/m103/m103-vagrant-env/

change your working directory to the vagrant env directory if you haven’t already done so
$ cd ~/m103/m103-vagrant-env

then run your vagrant commands
$ vagrant up


$ vagrant provision
(these can take a while)

then run this to get the magic going
$ vagrant ssh


Use the video in combination with the lecture notes below the video and you should be able to stitch together the whole process. Try not to get too caught up in the technicalities of using a VM.

  1. Be sure you have Virtual Box/Vagrant installed
  2. Run the commands from your local machine in the correct directory.
  3. Once you vagrant up and do the provision on you will be able to SSH into the VM with vagrant ssh.

… if you’re on a windows machine I would imagine it is similar but you’ll have to read the docs on that one. GLHF!


Short Answer


Long Answer

I thought I have to turn on the VM manually and run it from an image. But know I got it. Thank you very much for your response.

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