Where is this testDb database

I am not able to find this testDb database in compass.
Do I need to create it ?
I tried, but it says “invalid namespace”

Post screenshot of the issue.

During the course, It is mentioned to use testDb database and video_games collection, I am not able to find this database.

Chapter 2: User-Facing Backend

Basic Writes - Inserts

Time : In very First Minute of the video

I can only see these databases in M220J course

Not heard of video_games
You cannot compare course videos with your Sandbox cluster DBs
May be they are using some other cluster/db during lectures

I can see test DB in your screenshot
It is initial DB which comes as default and it will be empty
Try to create some collection from shell then you can see it in compass
or choose test as DB and add collection from Compass

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