Where is the M312 instruction to configure vagrant?

I followed the instruction so that I can start “vagrant ssh”, and I can start “mongod” or “mongo”. Where is the instructions to upload or share the downloaded scripts to the virtual ubuntu server? I took M001 Basic, which does not use vagrant at all. Please help.

Either you upload them using SCP which is part of SSH (use Google to learn more), or you use the “shared” folder that the MongoU folks usually include with their Vagrant config. On the Vm-side you can usually find it as /shared or as /home/vagrant/shared.

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I know it’s at bit buried in the instructions, but here’s how you should check and set your VM – this is in the Lecture “Installing Vagrant for M312”

Let’s go ahead confirm that your VM is up and running, and that the shared folder is being synced properly. Create a temporary file on your host machine’s shared folder, connect to the VM, and confirm that the file was properly synced.

echo hello >> shared/test.txt vagrant ssh $ cat /shared/test.txt

Once you’ve confirmed that your machine is up and running and that files are seamlessly synced between your host machine and the VM, you’re all set to complete the homework!

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echo hello >> shared/test.txt
vagrant ssh
cat /shared/test.txt

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