Where do I find the Kotlin 7.0 beta source?

Hi! I added the Kotlin 7 beta to my dependencies:


I’m just a bit disoriented locating this version: In the realm-java repo, there are only tags until 6.1. The beta isn’t mentioned anywhere. I’m actually also not sure how the plugin version relates to the actual Realm version. Can you please clarify?

More generally I’d like to be able to follow the releases: Where can I look to see if there’s a new beta?

Hi Ivan,

The Realm Java v7 beta is currently only available as a Snapshot release, so hasn’t been tagged on GitHub yet. This snapshot version is based on the next-major branch (the version reference comes from version.txt).

For a list of changes in the beta, see next-major:CHANGELOG.md.

Non-beta releases should be tagged on GitHub, but I have also passed on the feedback about tagging beta releases.

The last beta release was before the new forums were launched in Feb-2020, but we should be announcing upcoming releases in the Product and Driver Announcements category.

You can set notification options for a specific category and/or tag combination on this site by clicking on the :bell: icon near the top right of a result page.


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