Where can I find mongoimport

Hi guys,

I cannot seem to find mongoimport in my system path (on fedora), but I have mongod installed and mongo command. Could there be a link to download a mongoimport binary somewhere?

I checked the docs but couldnt find anything.


@ Isaak_11497

Let’s see. Fedora is an RHEL distribution, correct? So ‘mongoimport’ should be in /usr/bin.

To clarify, in /usr/bin/ you should see the following binaries
/usr/bin/mongodb-compass -> …/share/mongodb-compass/MongoDB Compass

Compass is extra but the others are or should be automatically installed when you install MongoDB according to the standard instructions. Did you install the Community Edition or the Enterprise Edition? And what version of MongoDB do you have? If you can give me some more information, I’ll try to help. Good luck.

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Well, one dirty thing to try would be:

sudo find / -name mongoimport

@ Tess_Sluijter

Well, that assumes that mongoimport is in fact installed somewhere on the user’s system – but if mongo and mongod work correctly, and mongoimport does not, then more likely is that either the installation went wrong somewhere, or the installation was not complete. So finding the location where the binaries normally live seems like a better starting point.

If the user wants to try your suggestion, I’d recommend

sudo find / -name 'mongo'

since we know from the post that’s somewhere on the system.

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On Arch Linux, I had to do sudo pacman -S mongodb-tools to get mongoimport, mongorestore, …

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@ steevej-1495

Good to know – I don’t use Arch Lunix myself, so that’s news to me. However, I assume that these are still in your $PATH and can be executed from the command line successfully, correct?

The pacmam installer puts them in /usr/bin/ which is the the same mongo and mongod.

@ steevej-1495

OK. So while that’s good to know (and thank you for the additional information) it doesn’t answer the original question, which says that the student can access ‘mongod’ and ‘mongo’ but not ‘mongoimport’. So we’re still waiting for some more input there I think.