Where are aggregation pipeline saved in Compass 1.28?

I know that starting from Compass 1.21 saved aggregation pipelines are moved to filesystem as stated here, but I was not able to find where!!
What am I missing?

Finally solved!!

sudo strace -f -t -e trace=file -p COMPASS_PID

Is possible to trace files opened by Compass Process ID (COMPASS_PID above).
In this way I found that aggregation pipelines are saved by Compass as json file inside path:

/home/<current_user>/.config/MongoDB\ Compass/SavedPipelines/61b1c7079f9d09c1caf3b3c5.json

This, at least, in Kubuntu 21.10.

Hi @Sergio_Ferlito1! Thank you for asking this question and good job with finding the answer! That’s indeed where pipelines are saved for Linux.

For completeness: on macOS, the location of the saved aggregations is ~/Library/Application Support/MongoDB Compass/SavedPipelines, on Windows the location is %APPDATA%/MongoDB Compass/SavedPipelines.

I am curious: can you share a bit more about your use cases for wanting to access the files directly? What do you do with them? Happy to schedule a quick call to go through your workflow with developing aggregations in Compass.