When would the Final Exam take place?

When would the Final Exam take place? What will be the duration? Is that the same as the labs where we can answer anytime between an one week time range?

Hi mostafiz93,

Final Exam will be open from Oct 23, 17:00 UTC. And last submission date is Oct 30, 17:00 UTC.

Yes, you can answer anytime between those deadlines.

More details for Final exam is updated here.


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I was wondering about that :slight_smile: So, I’m happy that you answered it here… Oh well, now I’ll just have to be patient!

Thanks for all your help on these forums Kanika.


Hi Tess_Sluijter,

Yes, don’t worry you will do good. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the appreciation! Rarely I see such posts :smiley:

With that, thank you alot! I saw you helping people. :slight_smile: Hope to see you in another course!

Happy Learning, Kanika

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The Exam Question cites “Unlimited Attempts” but I am unable to resubmit my answers because the Try Again has got deactivated.

Vineet Midha

Just change your answer. The button should then be clickable again.

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Thanks a lot. It is working now. :smiley: