When will SERVER-25023 be released?

There is a question related to partial indexes in my application, and I see somebody is fixing it, see also https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/SERVER-25023.

The status of this issue is IN CODE REVIEW, does anyone know what is going on now? And when will this improvement be released?


The sprint’s label in the ticket is Query 2020-03-09, Query 2020-03-23, so my guess is that they will be working on it starting next week, but maybe @Asya_Kamsky might have more insight into it since she’s the one that reported it.

It’s exciting to hear this feature, this is very important for me. If anyone tell me the exact release date, I will be very grateful.

Sorry, what’s mean of sprint? It is the date when the feature code will be merged or MongoDB team will start working on it?

You can “Watch” issues in Jira to follow updates. This issue is currently In Code Review status because the assignee has submitted a changeset for internal code review. Depending on feedback the changeset may require further revision or testing before it is approved for merging.

When ready for merging, the fixVersion/s on the JIRA issue will change to a target release version (replacing the generic “Backlog” placeholder). Changes are usually first merged to the master branch so the first tagged fixVersion is typically a development/unstable release. The changeset will then be considered for backport to non-EOL production release branches depending on the impact and complexity of the backport, and additional releases will be added to the fivVersion/s field as the backports are completed.

It is too early to confirm any release timing for this issue, but Watching in Jira will help you track progress. Using the latest production release series (currently MongoDB 4.2) will definitely increase the odds that an interesting fix can be backported. A backport may not always be possible or approved: server code may have changed substantially in the master branch or the changeset could introduce a risky or backward-breaking behaviour change.

In the interim there is a hacky workaround mentioned on SERVER-25023 you could try.

You may also want to start a discussion in the Working with Data forum category. If you can include your MongoDB server version, a sample document, and your use case for partial indexing perhaps there may be other data modelling or indexing approaches to suggest.

This refers to a software development sprint (aka iteration or work period). This doesn’t have a direct correlation to when development or review for an issue will start or finish. The interpretation should be that a team has planned to allocate some time to progress this issue in the associated fortnightly sprints. If there are unexpected planning or resource changes, an issue will be added to future sprints as needed.


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