When is the last version that supports MMAPv1 storage engine?


I saw this storage engine for the first time today and was only able to find documentation for it here. Which seems to only for version 4.0

Edit: I did additional research on it, and it seems to be deprecated since version 4.0 of the community version. Anyone has any more information on whether it is supported by other version?

Hi @Khoa_Bui1 welcome to the community!

MMAPv1 was deprecated in MongoDB 4.0, and removed in MongoDB 4.2 (see Storage Engines). WiredTiger has been the default (and now only) builtin storage engine since MongoDB 3.2.

Since WiredTiger is a much more modern storage engine with massively upgraded capabilities vs. MMAPv1, is this for historical purposes, or curiosity? I do hope that you’re not using MMAPv1 in production today :slight_smile:

Best regards


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the response. No just out of curiosity, I saw it on an old configuration file and wasn’t sure what it was.