When import array of csv file, changed object type

My commend here.

mongoimport --config=config.yaml --db=tabledb --collection=ShopPack --type=csv --columnsHaveTypes --headerline --file=ServerShopPack.csv --ignoreBlanks

My csv file data

index.int32()	UID.int32()	Item.0.int32()	Item.1.int32()
1	1000	0	1
2	1001	0	

When I Import ‘Item’ category, I wanted it to be an array type. But, Object Type.
I Can’t find commend or header type.
Let me know how to change array type.

The easiest way is just convert the CSV to JSON Array.

To convert a CSV file to JSON format, you can use a CSV parsing library such as csv-parser in Node.js or the csv library in Python. Here’s an example in Node.js:

  1. First, install the csv-parser package using npm:
npm install csv-parser
  1. Next, use the csv-parser package to parse the CSV file and convert it to JSON format:
const fs = require('fs');
const csv = require('csv-parser');

const results = [];
  .on('data', (data) => results.push(data))
  .on('end', () => {
    // Write the JSON output to a file
    fs.writeFileSync('path/to/json/file.json', JSON.stringify(results));

In this example, the CSV file is read using fs.createReadStream() and piped to the csv() function to parse it into an array of objects. The resulting array is then written to a JSON file using fs.writeFileSync().

Similarly, in Python you can use the csv library to convert a CSV file to JSON format:

import csv
import json

csv_file = 'path/to/csv/file.csv'
json_file = 'path/to/json/file.json'

# Read CSV file and convert to list of dictionaries
with open(csv_file, mode='r') as f:
    reader = csv.DictReader(f)
    data = [row for row in reader]

# Write JSON output to file
with open(json_file, mode='w') as f:
    json.dump(data, f)

In this example, the csv.DictReader() function is used to read the CSV file and convert it into a list of dictionaries. The resulting list is then written to a JSON file using json.dump().

==To import a CSV file with an array field in MongoDB, you need to format the array elements in a specific way.==

For example, to import an array field called “items” with two integer values (1 and 2) for each document, you need to format the CSV file like this:

1,1000,"[1, 2]"
2,1001,"[3, 4]"

Note that the array elements are enclosed in square brackets and separated by a comma and a space. When you import the CSV file using the mongoimport command, you should specify the --jsonArray option to indicate that the field is an array type:

mongoimport --db=tabledb --collection=ShopPack --type=csv --columnsHaveTypes --headerline --file=ServerShopPack.csv --ignoreBlanks --jsonArray

This should import the “items” field as an array type in MongoDB.