What's wrong with my query? Chapter 1- Lab - $match

In Chapter 1- Lab - $match

  • imdb.rating is at least 7
  • genres does not contain “Crime” or “Horror”
  • rated is either “PG” or “G”
  • languages contains “English” and “Japanese”

As a hint, your aggregation should return 23 documents.

But Im getting 24

    			{"$match": {"imdb.rating": {"$gte": 7}, 
    						"genres": {"$not": {"$all": ["Crime", "Horror"]}	},
    						"languages": {"$all": ["English", "Japanese"]},
    						"$or": [{"rated": "PG"}, {"rated": "G"}]	}
    			}, {
    			"$project": {"imdb": 1, "genres": 1, "languages": 1, "rated": 1, "_id": 0}

I tried to check all the results as well, I have no idea whats causing the problem

Nevermind, I found where the mistake was
"genres": {"$not": {"$all": ["Crime", "Horror"]} probably something wrong with this line

$nin operator should help you there.

Ty, it feels great after trying it out