Whats about MongoDB Enterprise for other Linux Distributions like Arch

I use Arch-Like Linux named Manjaro.
At the Download-Page there is no package for Arch-Linux Distributions.
So what to do to install MongoDB Enterprise?

I’ve installed it via Docker now. That’s solved my issue.

This is a mere opinion and should not be taken aggressive.

I’d highly not recommend MongoDB enterprise on a distribution other than Ubuntu and/or CentOS. The main reason is distros like Arch are tend to be more SysAdmin friendly rather than developer or DBA friendly.

Ubuntu is the best choice. I have been using it on servers and desktops for the past 12 years. I have personally used Fedora, Arch, Manjaro, Mint, CentOS, and some other random distros, but the Ubuntu compatibility has always been rock solid when it came to use it just like a Windows and Mac system.

All the best!

Thanks a lot for you’r response.
I’m a linux certified engineer (RHCE) and worked with Suse, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu, Arch and some other ones since 1998. I agree that Ubuntu is still one of the most spreaded Distribution and is really easy to administrate (caused of the huge community).

For me, Docker is a perfectly fine Solution here, because the Docker-Image is based on Ubuntu. So no need to have huge effort to step to ubuntu. Only have to start docker and use the image as it is.

Only downside for people who never worked with docker… they have to get familiar with a few commands to get it up and running.