What type of RAID storage configuration is recommended for achieving optimal performance with a MongoDB deployment?

“I’m seeking clarity on the best RAID storage configuration for MongoDB 4.4 in a replica set environment. Currently, I’m using RAID 10, believing it offers the best performance. However, I came across a MongoDB official document stating that RAID 10 might not be the most suitable option for deployment. This has led to some confusion on my part about the ideal RAID configuration for MongoDB. Could you provide some insight into which RAID type is indeed best for MongoDB, particularly in light of the information mentioned in the MongoDB documentation? Here’s the document for reference: MongoDB Production Notes.”


I don’t read that as detracting from RAID10. It is quite clear:


For optimal performance in terms of the storage layer, use disks backed by RAID-10.

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Thanks so much. How did i miss the fullstop .

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