What to Learn or Study in M220JS?

Right now I’m at chapter 3; and I’ve collected some doubts.

What is this course for? The description of this course says that you will learn fundamentals of Mongo in Node but almost everything is already implemented there. My question would be what are we really learning? Because it feels like you’re just solving a few exercises.

Seems like the best option we have in this course is to study the actual implementation of the backend of mflix that is given to us. I think that the things what we should be learning are: important things like how to connect to the db with node, most important things to import, what to install, maybe organization, how to use the things that you import or useful methods, maybe a step to step to build the base of mflix backend (things related to mongo of course), real use cases. That kind of things, maybe

I appreciate a lot the effort of the university of bringing this knowledge to the people for free, please take this not as a bad critic, but as a “point out” from someone who’s really grateful for everything that has been build here and given to us.

PS: I’ve loved the first three courses, basic, cluster and aggregation.

Thank you

I started that course a week ago or so, and right away decided it would be better to build my own simple app before going any further.

For example, I’ve set up a login system with mongo/express. The user can delete the account, log in and out, register. And a few interactive sections where the user can post, and get quotes. Interestingly, the first thing I’ve noticed is you cant build text indexes in Atlas XD, but that’s reasonable.

There are details like connecting to google or hashing pwd that are not so important for learning pps, so I’ve left them out.

I would recommend you do something similar, hoping after that the project becomes almost obvious, and you can get much more of it.


Yeah I totally get your recommendation; thank you, also I wanted the certification so I finished it some days ago.

Building my app for my portfolio and for practicing is in my ideas (2x1), right now im finishing checking Redux and ExpressJs; so I can finally do something that’s worth showing to employeers.

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