What to do after installing virtualBox and vagrant :


after installing virtualBox and vagrant , I believe the course instructions should say something like this, so people wont get confused about what to do next :

  1. open the terminal
  2. uncompress the course .zip file
  3. in the terminal - switch to the unzipped directory
  4. from the terminal run: vagrant up
    once vargrant up completes successfully - you will see that VirtualBox is showing virtual machine called m312 is in “running” state
  5. to connect to the virtual machine - created by Vagrant , type from the terminal :

vagrant ssh

Hi @Dror_Mikdash1

Thanks for the feedback, we’ve found that without walking students through installing the prerequisites of VirtualBox and Vagrant and then providing the instructions for installing the M312 Vagrant image there can be confusion. We cover the full instructions in “Spin up the M312 Environment” in Chapter 1: Introduction - Installing Vagrant for M312 with additional instructions to help ensure all the components are installed as well as providing some troubleshooting steps.

I definitely appreciate the brevity of your instructions, however we have found adding the components and also a further section on troubleshooting has helped to avoid a lot of confusion. We often get issues around troubleshooting technical issues arising from the installation but rarely have we issues raised around the course instructions.

We’ll add your suggestions as considerations for when we next refresh the installation page for that course.

Kindest regards,