What should I do with legacy Realm Cloud instances?

I purchased Realm Cloud Platform. I just realized that you call it Legacy product. Will it be close soon?
What should I do with my instances at https://cloud.realm.io/instances ?

Thanks for your post on Realm Cloud. Whilst it is now legacy since the introduction of MongoDB Realm, we do expect it to be still around for possibly the next year.

As for your instances, we have previously discussed this in this post from @Ian_Ward here. We don’t have guide just yet, but there are steps to follow there and we do hope to formalise the guide in the next few weeks.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks, I hope there’s a tool to simplify the migration as well.

@Nguyen_Dinh_Tam What kind of tool would you be looking for? It’s a bit difficult for us to “generalize” a tool for all use cases because it is dependent on your schema, your data access pattern (ie. what data do you read/write on the client), and your use case. Feel free to share details here or you can email me at ian.ward@mongodb.com and I can reply personally -

We are committed to helping all of users migrate from legacy Realm Cloud to MongoDB Realm - please reach out and I will help you personally


Like auto import data from Realm Cloud to Mongo Atlas, and auto migrate user from Realm Cloud. Now I don’t know how to migrate my current user from Realm Cloud.

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is this what you mean by steps to follow?

Move your realm data over to MongoDB Atlas documents. Probably by using the realm-js SDK and node.js MongoDB driver

We really don’t like database migrations. They are usually complex, high risk and errors upset our customers and we lose business.

So if MongoDB Realm expect us to do a database migration, then devs will take this opportunity to consider alternatives and you risk losing us altogether.

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