What result should be entered on the first laboratory

Good evening. I have a little difficulty translating, so I can’t pass the laboratory first, because I can’t understand what needs to be written in the answer. I connected to the database, created the user, and I cannot understand which line to enter in the result. There is only one attempt left to complete the mission
And another question. If I don’t have time to go through the first part before Tuesday evening, then I can’t continue my studies? Will I be able to re-register for this course if I do not have time?

As it says in the lab:

It’s either you will see an error message or you’ll see a set of alphanumeric characters that look like this:


That’s what you paste inside the box.

PS: That’s not the real answer so don’t paste it into the box.

Your validation script in previous attempts clearly indicates what is wrong with your setup

Please check again your lab requirements. bindip parameter is missing

It looks like Mr @Ramachandra_37567 has encountered one of your posts

You can register for the next session if you so desire.

If I write --bind_ip on the command line, then I get such an error

I can’t understand anything at all

It tells you what’s wrong:

Thanks a lot. Slammed all the processes and it turned out

That means you’ve passed the lab?

I’m getting the following error while validating “validate_lab_launch_mongod”
You need to bind the IP address to or localhost.

You can achieve that with –bind_ip localhost.

Hi @Venkata_Rao_65126,

In addition to @steevej-1495,

Please read the question carefully. You have to bind these two IPs together : and .

Please check our documentation on mongod for more information.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer

Hi @Sverxsro4nik,

As I can see you have completed this lab. Please let me know if you still have any doubts.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer