What Remains in Chapter 1 Now

It is showing 8 of 9 Items Completed in Chapter 1. Now How to Proceed. No Proceed to Next Button now

You have to read a little bit more. The next chapters as indicated in the screen shot you supplied is March 19th.

Thanks for reply. I understood what you are saying. But Regarding Chapter 1 it says Items Completed 8 of 9 . I was thinking that something is remaining in Chapter 1 itself.

Am I still wrong?

No your not wrong. I did not saw the 8 on 9, I should read a little bit more myself. You must have skip a step somewhere. I would go over the lesson again, you can skip listening to the video, what you miss may become obvious.

Thanks once again for your response.
I have just gone once again and saw that I missed answering a question regarding whether I have imported data successfully or not.

Now I answered it and completed all.