What is the point of Atlas Vercel integration?

I’m having trouble understanding what the Atlas integration does in Vercel. I saw a post from a Mongo employee stating it is a “Native” integration; but on the surface it just seems like it provisions some users in Atlas then adds some Vercel environment variables.

Is there anything happening from a technical standpoint? Is it supposed to handle connection pooling with the serverless-nature of Vercel or something?

Thank you

Hi Hyun Seo,

At this time, the Atlas Integration with Vercel is a partner integration that makes it easy to get started using an Atlas cluster as the database for one or many projects in Vercel. Especially for new Atlas users, it speeds up the process of creating an account, organization, project, cluster, security setup, a Vercel-specific database user, and then saving the credentials for that users securely in the chosen Vercel project(s).