What is the MongoDb definition of beta?

After trying the new MongoDb Realm platforms, I have to say it is a huge step up from Realm Cloud. Now that MongoDb Realm is in public beta. When is it safe to use the new SDK:s in production?

In my case I never went live with Realm Cloud, so I don’t have any data to migrate. My idea would be to port the app to the new SDK:s first and prepare the datamodels and usage for sync, then slowly move user data over to the synced realms.

But the question is. When is it safe to use the SDK:s in production? The SDK:s seem to be moving at a high speed now, hence my question. At the same time, there are big differences between the old SDK:s and new SDK:s making it hard to maintain two codebases.

Excited about the new platform!


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Hi Simon –

We expect the SDKs to be relatively stable within the next month or so. While we don’t anticipate significantly changing the existing syntax, during this time we are adding lots of functionality as well as looking for bugs in usability/support surface area. Once we address remaining features and feel it’s gotten a good amount of bake time we’ll remove the ‘Beta’ labels on the SDKs.

On the Realm Sync side, we’ll probably be in beta for a bit longer. We’re working with a few folks now to push the limits of Sync and make sure that we can meet the MongoDB Cloud SLAs. Once we feel that we’ve worked out any usability issues and are seeing good success with some production applications we’ll likely mark Sync as GA.

Hope that helps!