What is the Mongo version 4.9.0 in Fixed Version refers to

Hi Team,

https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/SERVER-53477 is a Jira ticket where some code changes were done for ThreadPool implementation. But the fixed Version Says 4.8.0. is it a internal development branch numbering?

How do i request mongo to backport the fix in 4.0 release. I added a comment in the Jira ticket but want to know what is the formal procedure.

Hi @venkataraman_r,

The fixVersion for SERVER-53477 is 4.9.0, which refers to a development/unstable version that will eventually become MongoDB 5.0. The historical MongoDB versioning scheme uses odd numbered release series (X.Y, where Y is odd) to indicate development series. The next major release series of MongoDB will be 5.0, which also includes a new quarterly release schedule and versioning approach: Accelerating Delivery with a New Quarterly Release Cycle, Starting with MongoDB 5.0.

SERVER-53477 was raised during the development cycle and it is not clear if the code changes are relevant for 4.0. If there is benefit in a backport, the team responsible for that development area will assess the effort and risk involved.

I assume you are hoping this may address SERVER-54805, but more investigation is needed before determining if that is the case.


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