What is the Difference between Replica Sets and Clusters, if any?

Please, I need to understand whether or NOT there is a Difference between Replica Sets and Clusters?

My current understanding informs me that they are the same.

Please, advise.

They are not the same.

A replica set is a specific type of cluster.

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Thank you Steve J.

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You will find the following as the first paragraph in it.

In contrast to a single-server MongoDB database, a MongoDB cluster allows a MongoDB database to either horizontally scale across many servers with sharding, or to replicate data ensuring high availability with MongoDB replica sets, therefore enhancing the overall performance and reliability of the MongoDB cluster.

you can say “cluster” is a meaningless word in mongodb without the purpose. we have 2 things to note: sharding for horizontal scaling and replication for availability.

sharding: you split your data into many servers like letter sections in a dictionary from A to Z.
replication: you have many copies of the data on many servers.

you can have data centers across the globe, each is a replication of whole data for global availability.

then a data center can horizontally scale servers with sharding to hold infinite data.

and then each shard cluster can be made with many replica servers of that shard of the data for sharded data availability.

M001 is too early to think about that. I suggest you first finish that and there is another course about clustering you can take.

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