What is Charted Collection

I came across term Charted Collections, What is it?
I also checked official documentation, however not found any reference to it.

Please check below image:

Thank you in Advance.

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It’s not a special type of collection, but only @Sonali_Mamgain or Nathan L can explain what this means and in what context.

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Hi @rinku44,

Nice catch here!!

“Charted” word here is mistakenly used. The correct word should be “Sharded”.

$geoNear can be used on sharded collections, whereas $near can't.

I will verify this with the team as well and update the lecture.

Thanks for reporting this!!


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It looks like an addendum in the lecture is required re changes to this behaviour from 4.0+


Hi @Sonali_Mamgain

You’re welcome.

@rinku44 :green_heart: