What free/low-cost resources are you using to help build your startup?


As part of the :rocket: MongoDB for Startups program, I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of founders, CTO’s and Developers to help them transform their ideas into functioning businesses. Nearly every startup with which I’ve worked has a unique set of challenges but they all have one thing in common: :moneybag: Financing the dream can be a challenge.

To help with this, many startups turn to VC’s, accelerators and tech companies to receive resources at reduced cost or for free. :money_with_wings:

I’ll be delivering a talk this May at :fire: MongoDB World called Zero to Live in 45: Build and launch your startup with free and low-cost services and I’d love to learn about the resources you’re using to build your startup.

I’m curious about your journey… what does your stack look like? Are you using any freemium, or low-cost options to help you launch?

If you’re in the MongoDB for Startups program - what do you enjoy about it? What features of Atlas are you using?

If you’re not in the program? Why not?

I appreciate any experience you’re willing to share!


P.S. Here are just a few of the free offerings I’ve seen - maybe you use some of these? If so, let me know!


CRM Systems

  • Hubspot (Startup program - reduced cost)
  • Zoho (Startup program - reduced cost)


  • MailChimp

Domain Names




Just now re-writing my SaaS to use AWS serverless technologies to run the application with S3 and the MongoDB backend Apollo Graphql layer with AWS Lambda.
Currently it is run on ECS Fargate service inside a VPC connected to my M10 cluster. This should significantly reduce my cost further especially as it scales to more clients.


This sesion will be really helpful for someone like me who are just at the begining stage with their startup especially bootstraping it.

Currently I am using:


  • AWS Free tier for very small projects

  • Atlas free tier M0

  • Let’s Encrypt for free SSL certificate

  • Trello for task management and stuff for business as well as personal

  • Postman for API’s

  • Draw.io (I use it rarely for making models & diagrams)

  • VSCode as IDE

  • Zoom for Meeting & Conferences (Inititally subscribed for free plan)

  • Github


  • Zoom for Meeting & Conferences ($15)

  • Termius for SSH, SFTP, Port Forwarding best experience ever ($8.33)

  • Hubstaff for time tracking and productivity monitoring tool, It includes billing, invoicing, timesheets and lots of amazing features

  • Google Analytics

  • GSuit for maling, Google docs, Google slides for documents and presentation

Currently, This suffice most of the need and I think it would work well for startup having 50 employees upto 100 I feel.

I am not in the startup program yet but I am planning to be in there within 2 months.


Atlas free tier M0 only supports maximum 100 concurrent connections.
So it is not sufficient for the production. For Startup organizations it will add more cost if they switch to M10, M20 because they are not sure their future traffic.
Is there any other Instance or free service available from Mongo Atlas for startup ?

I am in this exact situation. However the cost of M10 far out weighs the fact that I do not have to manage the database myself. I am only a one-man operation.

Not being sure of future traffic is I think the reason Mongo allows us to scale the Atlas Cluster.

Also M10 has a max of 750 connections. And Mongo recommends it only for Low traffic applications (which is what I am currently on)

M10+ are the only tiers that offer VPC peering as well which is essential so that I do not have to whitelist as an IP using Lambda or Fargate on AWS to connect to the DB.

Although it would be very nice for us users to have a completely free options for Atlas to use in a production environment; but how can we expect MongoDB, as a company, to operate without any revenue?

On that note Mongodb now has a program that startups can apply to. Which is offering $3000 is Atlas credits! Very exciting!