What field does the value belong to “labors of love”?

One question, What field does the value belong to “labors of love”?

As mentioned in the problem statement:

Let’s find how many movies in our movies collection are a “labor of love”, where the same person appears in cast, directors, and writers
Hint: You will need to use $setIntersection operator in the aggregation pipeline to find out the result.

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Sourabh Bagrecha,

One doubt ,when I tried to use this comand I got that:

 db.movies.aggregate([{$project:{"_id":0,"writers":1,"directors":1,"cast":1,"coinciden":{$setIntersection:["$writers","$directors","$cast"]}}},{$count:"labors of love"}])

Here is the result:

{ "labors of love" : 44488 }

looks like it is all the documents in the collections.

I think you want to eliminate from the result set all documents where the intersection is empty because a movie is considered a labor of love when the same person is in the 3 arrays.

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