What feature(s) missing compared to Supabase?

I am planning to use MongoDB as my App backend due to its multi-regional support. But I was advised by someone that Supabase is a complete backend whereas Mongodb provides database mainly. May I know if there is any feature that i would miss in MongoDB compared to Supabase when used as a backend for an APP that I am planning for global users.

MongoDB Realm provides a full-fledged backend-as-a-service as well - I wouldn’t necessarily say there is much you’re missing out.

Aside from the fact that you’re using a relational DB in Supabase vs. MongoDB with Realm, you can leverage the same, or even additional services like Authentication, Authorization/Permissions, Serverless Functions, APIs (GraphQL), Mobile Sync, Event-driven and scheduled Triggers -https://docs.mongodb.com/realm/cloud/#explore-mongodb-realm-services

You can deploy a Realm app globally which means that it doesn’t have to be restricted to a certain region

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