"What does Community mean to you?" ---The New 2021 MongoDB Community Badge

User Group Launch:

At the end of last year, when we re-launched the MongoDB User Group program, which brought over 800 people together to talk about various MongoDB topics, we had also created a Community challenge for all our members.

We asked all members to draw (using @nraboy’s game called MongoDB Draws) what “Community” meant to them. We wanted to recognize the diversity in opinions, ideas, and meanings within our own MongoDB Community. The winner’s drawing and idea would be used to create this year’s MongoDB Community badge that could be found both in our forums and as a patch provided at our user group events.

Community Challenge Results:

We had close to 100 submissions, providing some really amazing drawings and concepts. It was a difficult decision, and after much deliberation, the following drawing, created by Gajanand Singh, was selected!

Design + Community:

We then took Gajanand’s drawing to our Design team and they created something that highlighted the MongoDB Community’s brand and the message of the drawing to create our new 2021 Community Badge!

Thank you to everyone who participated— your designs and overall message around Community is what really makes the MongoDB Community one-of-a-kind!