What are you doing with PHP in 2021?

Is PHP worth learning in 2021? What new applications are you building with PHP… using MongoDB, or not.

The market shows a healthy position for PHP still. It’s a fun, relatively easy language to learn and with MongoDB’s PHP driver, you have all the flexibility, ease of use and performance of nosql.

Would love to hear about how you’re using PHP today.


Dear PHP users,

I’m also curious to know more about your PHP usage, so thought it is time to try out polls :slight_smile: .

What version(s) of PHP are you currently using?
  • PHP 8
  • PHP 7
  • PHP 6
  • PHP 5
  • PHP 4

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One of these choices is not like the others, but all have had many books written :). If you’re using an older version of PHP, what is keeping you from upgrading?

What PHP framework(s) are you using?
  • CakePHP
  • Laravel
  • Phalcon
  • Slim
  • Symfony
  • Yii
  • Zend Framework
  • Other (comment below with more details)

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