What about educational sessions?

At the Advocate Hub we had educational sessions and challenges on all levels. I liked them and hope that something like this will come back.
These sessions have been interesting in many aspects:

  • as “heads up” for upcoming or brand new features
  • they provided some times a different view how to use features
  • they introduced tools
  • they did a great job to recap things you do not do on a day to day base
  • they taught best practice
  • they have been fun

I am unsure if I am alone with this thought, are there more of you who would like sort education session in this forum?

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Hi @michael_hoeller,

Forgive me, I wasn’t around for the Advocate Hub. Were these in a webinar format, more like a University course, or something different?



Hello Jamie,
there is no single answer, there have been various formats. The base concept was that almost everything was setup as challenge. But about the formats, there have been:

  • webinars, with a questionnaire at the end (depending on the level you may only could provide a good answer when you read further sources)
  • kind of “MDB university light”
  • reading some posts/blogs about brand new features and answering a questionnaire at the end
  • intro of new functions/features followed with a coding challenge (there have been may, most with stich)
  • intros to participate in private betas (advanced level)

@Jamie, if you like to find out the internals I may point you to @Ken_Alger, he was the last Moderator of the Hub. Francesca Krihely, initiated the Advocate Hub (Director, Groth Marketing) she might also can tell you more about the internals.

To all readers, would you like something like that? Since there is no polling, could you please leave a reply or a like to get this to some visibility - or non in case I am alone with my suggestion :sob:

All the best


Hi @michael_hoeller, I like the idea of challenges, and it would be interesting to see them in some format here.

As for polls, I’m not sure why you can’t do them on an initial post (, but you can create them on a reply. :thinking:

To create the poll, start a reply to a message and then click on the gear icon. One of the options is Build Poll:

Screenshot_2020-02-08 17.51.08_wwDi3k

You will see the poll in the post preview (if you’re showing that) and it will look something like the following (for a simple Yes/No choice

Screenshot_2020-02-08 17.55.22_591nWx


@Doug_Duncan Access to some features (like creating polls) is based on Trust Levels. Established users gain access to more perks & abilities to help contribute to the community.

If you have access to build a poll, doing so should be possible both from a new thread and a thread comment.


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Thanks a lot for the hint, I missed that one!


since we are still a fairly small (beta)group and some may not know what to expect with the mentioned formats, I assume that a poll will not be very representative due to the few number of users.

Jennie mentioned, in an other thread, that she is open for ideas. Having this in mind I’d like to keep this thread open and gather your opinion.
Personally I’d vote for educational session in general, not caring about the format in a first step. In a second step, about the format: I like to have different sources as mentioned in the above list.
As Doug, I also like the idea of challenges.

Let’s get the stone rolling: any thoughts about to have or not to have educational sessions, maybe setup as challenges?



Love the brainstorming here. We’re also working on rolling out a new events management platform (very soon) and this will help us to facilitate virtual events (read: webinars) generated by the community. Still have some logistics to work out on that front, but keep an eye out for an announcement :slight_smile:

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@Jamie there are plenty places where MDB announces news. Which one do you have in mind?

Going forward, community-related announcements will appear in the Announcements category here, but we’ll also continue to do cross-publishing (i.e. on Twitter, the mongodb.com blog, etc.)

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Well there is slack too, I’d love to see a consolidation :slight_smile: :wink:


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Yes, the Slack workspace will be retired in the next few weeks. The goal is to consolidate all community channels into this forum (Slack, Google Groups, etc.)


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