What a marvelous learning experience, for free! I am amazed. Thanks MongoDB!

So, I have been pressing in the best I can, and have had the best experience learning and growing by far with MongoDB, as I was able to get started with MongoDB Compass( My new favorite GUI :eyes: ) now, I am much more easily able to follow along in school at MongoDB University because I have my cluster’s data explorer right there built into an internal mongoshell, what a trip! I can watch the video( about 4 times generally, that’s just what is needed for this old man) and then make the queries and see both the shell and the actual dataset inside of the data explorer at the same time. So, in summary, I now am utilizing my free tier cluster and am connected to it inside of the shell and also in MongoDB compass GUI. This is fantastic. Thank you all for such a well thought out learning platform for those of us that are not yet well funded. God bless you. :sunny:
I still can’t believe I’m talking to my database, much less using something like compass. Here is a look into my current MongoDB University progress. I will be continuously posting on social media. Wish me luck.

Today was tackling Array operators and Projection, Next up is going to be going over Array operators and sub-documents. Thanks for your time.