Welcome to MongoDB for Startups!

MongoDB for Startups is a program designed to help startup founders, CTO’s and Developers by providing access to resources such as MongoDB Atlas, Technical Guidance, Marketing and Community. This category is a place where participants, and potential participants can chat freely about the program.

If you’re new and want to find out how you might apply to become a participant in the program visit the MongoDB for Startups Landing Page.

If you’re already a participant and would like to gain access to the private, invite-only area of this forum, send me a private message in the forum and let me know your company name and I will add you.


Hey Mike! Looks like I can’t send a PM for some reason?

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Hello @Sean_Matthews
to send PMs you need to reach the trust level “Sprout”.

Becoming a Sprout:
* Entering at least 5 topics
* Reading at least 30 posts
* Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

Sprout advantages:
* Send PMs
* Upload images and attachments if enabled
* Edit wiki posts
* Flag posts
* Mute other users

Hope that helps


Hi @Michael_Lynn just arrived to startup community. Hi all

Just landed on MongoDB for startups, Thank you very much.

Project which has been accepted is Tryvium, a startup bringing 3 awesome products on the tourism market.

Check it out at https://tryvium.io

Hey, just arrived in this great community.

My project is https://simius.ai and we are going to help people secure their smart homes and eventually the world of IoT.

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