Weird crashing on iOS 13


I seem to be crashing on iOS 13 (simulator too) from some reason, on this line:
malloc_ptr classes(objc_copyClassList(&numClasses), &free);

When initializing realm. Can’t figure out the cause. Any idea?

HI @donut,

is there some code you can share that reproduces this issue?

I am having the same issue, my code last goes through let realm = try ? Realm() and then it crashes on the same line as yours.

Crash happens on iOS 13 simulator, same code was working in previous months and still works in iOS 14.
I didn’t find a solution yet

Just an update, for me the crash was not related to Realm, it is the strangest thing that xcode breaks at a line in realm but after further investigation in the console, the crash was cause by me having a coordinator using OpenURL call which is unavailable in iOS 13, although the class is marked platform ios14 and higher. Cannot find the slightest link between the crash on realm and the actual cause of the crash as that piece of code isn’t even called on runtime but just removing that coordinator fixed the crash.
TL;DR the crash might very well be irrelevant to Realm and might be linked to SwiftUI binary linking causing issue in iOS 13, check previous commits to know exactly when did it break.

Hi @Elliott_Chkayben – many thanks for circling back with that update