Webinar - Build mobile apps with MongoDB (+Realm)

In this live webinar, developers will learn how to quickly and securely build and launch a mobile app with MongoDB.

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With user expectations shaped by popular apps, building successful mobile experiences for internal or consumer use has become very complex. Reactive experiences and real-time data are now requirements, requiring developers to build complicated logic and often reinvent the wheel – including data synchronization between users, devices, and the cloud and handling unreliable internet connectivity, and more.

We’ll explore the various options on MongoDB that were designed to make this simple: MongoDB’s fully managed mobile backend-as-a-service complete with local persistence, Atlas’ managed APIs, or leveraging MongoDB Atlas with your own REST APIs. With each option, developers can the benefits of Atlas’ document data model and multi-cloud infrastructure. Some capabilities we’ll explore: * Fully managed and auto-scaling infrastructure, no matter how fast your app grows or changes

  • Industry-leading conflict resolution algorithms providing accurate, real-time data
  • Out-of-the-box, enterprise-grade security (including encryption at rest and in flight, rich authentication methods and granular, role-based permissions)
  • Local persistence for reliability and performance on mobile devices with limited resources (battery, space, etc.)

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