Webhook to receive data

Hi, I am learning MongoDB with the objective of connecting Shopify to MongoDB. I wish to create a new document every time we receive an order on Shopify. I am able to register a webhook on Shopify, which sends an HTTP POST request with the order details.

Is there any functionality within MongoDB that is able to receive and store the details in each POST request?

Not to my knowledge, no. But you could probable whip up a relatively simple solution in Python.

Or search the web a bit more. Perhaps someone has already built such middleware.

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@Royce_Chan_04810 Not to my knowledge though there used to be a REST api that was discontinued. I’m not sure if there is existing middleware but it would be pretty straightforward with something like Express/Node and the node MongoDB client, or something like @Tess_Sluijter suggested.

Thanks @Mike_67094 and @Tess_Sluijter. Wondering if I can use Stitch together with Atlas to create this? https://docs.mongodb.com/stitch/reference/service-webhooks/

@Royce_Chan_04810 Maybe! I haven’t looked at Stitch yet but looks promising.