VS Code connection to M121 labs

Hello, I’ve managed to connect to m121 from a terminal window after a long fight getting things working on MacOS.

Is there an easy way to connect with VS Code? I’d like to do the labs in an editor rather than a terminal window.


Hi @William_McIntyre,

motd: Welcome to the forums…!

Yes a neat one: Working with MongoDB in Visual Studio Code

Seems to be pretty much the same than using Compass but also having some useful features,i.e seems easy to write JS code. You can:

  • search through dbs & colls
  • create & update dbs and colls
  • create a playground…

You can certainly add m121 connection :slight_smile:

feel free to ask for help if something does not work.

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Hi @santimir

I have VS code working with my local DB but I can’t make it work with the m121 connect string.
(I can connect from the VS Code terminal using the m121 string)

Do I need to change things for VS Code?


What connect string you used and what is the error?
Try this


Awesome - thanks very much

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