VS Code calling the atlas database

Hi, I am to connect to the Atlas aggregation database. I managed to do it from the windows cmd, but would like to do from VS Code. I have the Azure Cosmos DB extension that allows me to connect to the MongoDB in my local machine. I tried to connect to your Atlas database throught it (steps: click on “attach database connection” (2) choose MongoDB, (3) Enter the connection String) But it didn’t work when I use for the connection string


any idea of which connection string I could use?

The default option here:
connects to the local MongoDB

@James_55103 I know there is an alternate connection string format but I don’t recall it off the top of my head. I’ve primarily used the Java and NodeJS drivers but only for localhost.

This doc page has some examples of what look like the cluster connection string for a replicaset connection.


Also could you elaborate on what about the other connection string didn’t appear to work?