Virtualbox install fails with Secure Boot error

I am trying to install Virtual Box on Ubuntu 16.04.
Initial attempts to install Virtual box failed with the error that the kernel modules (vboxdrv, vboxnetflt, vboxnetadp, vboxpci) needed to be signed.
So I created a key, imported it, enrolled the key and then signed the modules before trying to contunue with the virtualbox install. I followed these steps here for this:

However, modprobe vboxdrv fails though it succeeded earlier in the signing script linked here.
Any tips on how to proceed?

This seems like a very specific problem. It might be worth posting this on the VirtualBox forum.

By the way, do you have screenshots of the exact error messages you received?

Hi @Aparna_Sundar_46497,

Please share the information requested by @007_jb in the previous post.

Here is a screenshot of the error messages:

However, I did enroll the key and sign the modules using the steps

There might be a solution in this VirtualBox thread:

And as this is a specific VirtualBox issue, follow this up in the VirtualBox forums if the problem persists. Not unless @Shubham_Ranjan has some tricks up his sleeves?