Virtual box in windows OS


Im already installed VM ware virtual machine having ubuntu 14.04 version on my windows host, is it good to work with this virtual machine for this lab?


i need to install only oracle virtual box machine to work on this lab exercise?


Hi @Azarmong

We recommend you use Vagrant and Virtual Box. The instructions are outlined on “Chapter 0: Introduction & Setup - Lab: Setting Up the Vagrant Environment”.

Setting up a fresh VM using these instructions will also avoid any issues from your previous configuration.

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vagrant up
Bringing machine ‘mongod-m103’ up with ‘virtualbox’ provider…
==> mongod-m103: Box ‘ubuntu/trusty64’ could not be found. Attempting to find and install…
mongod-m103: Box Provider: virtualbox
mongod-m103: Box Version: >= 0
==> mongod-m103: Loading metadata for box ‘ubuntu/trusty64’
mongod-m103: URL:
==> mongod-m103: Adding box ‘ubuntu/trusty64’ (v20190318.0.0) for provider: virtualbox
mongod-m103: Downloading:
mongod-m103: Download redirected to host:
mongod-m103: Progress: 0% (Rate: 19181/s, Estimated time remaining: 4:40:26)

while bringing up the vagrant tool, i’m getting the above message, is it normal to happen or any issue is occurring?

Hi @Azarmong

This is normal as the correct operating system image for Ubuntu, specifically the Trusty64 version needs to be downloaded to complete the configuration of your local Vagrant box.

Hope this explains the message.

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Thanks for the update ! @brazileoin:slightly_smiling_face: