Version of mongodb shell

In the video they are installing version 3.4.6 but when i was installing in that currently release version is 4.0.10 so i installed it so does it work properly or i install another version.

I installed the latest version, which is 4.0 and so far, all the commands are working fine. Just be careful as some of the screens look different than what is in the video, but overall, all the commands have worked for me. Also, make sure you create a user that has admin rights to your new Atlas cluster, as some of the operations that they will do require admin permissions

Hi @Akash_06246,

4.0.10 is the latest version of MongoDB Enterprise Server. So, you can proceed further with the course.

Please let me know, if you face any problems going further.


getting this error using latest mongoDB Enterpriese Server on mac OS

WARNING: shell and server versions do not match

Please ignore.Just a warning

For explanation check/search for the link in this forum
shell & server versions do no match

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