Verifying if the below Projection syntax is correct


I am on Projection and kind of confused;

The Collection Shannon is using for his Class atlas Cluster is Whichile that i am using is vieo.movieDetails no difference though. But where i face some issue is that the below Query Syntax does not work for me:

db.movieDetails.find({genre : “Action”, “Adventure”}, {title: 1})

However when i do the below mo=dification at the level of genre it does through the same output as per his demo. Just to check if the syntax issue is right.

db.movieDetails.find({genre : “Action”, genre : “Adventure”}, {title: 1})

The syntax for

is wrong. A query is a json document.

Hi @Ndeh_Viban,

As @steevej-1495 pointed out, a query is a Json document. You always specify the query predicate in a key-value pair.

In this particular case, "Adventure" is not associated with any field so this query wouldn’t work.

~ Shubham