Verify uploaded files

Is there a way to verify the integrity of a downloaded .zip file from

The reason I raise this question and concern is:

    1. There is no discussion open to resolve this Topic
    1. The content on: /M220J/2022_January_25/chapter/Chapter_0_Introduction_and_Setup/lesson/
      mentions a file feature not found. (possible opportunity for doc PR)

" you can edit the index.html file in the build directory to modify the value of ."

This text refers to changing the default port to other than 5000.

[no value in the index.html file]

Perhaps in path mflix/src/main/resources the file and variable for server.port would be intended here?


As a user, I want to verify the file I can download is the same file uploaded from trusted source

Expected behavior:

The ability to download and verify the integrity of the file

Actual behavior:

The ability to download the file but not verify its integrity