Vector search in local Realm

Hi, exist any roadmap or way to implement vector search in a local Realm, synced or not ?


Can you expand on your use case a bit? Are you implementing ML or are you asking if there is ML vector search capabilities built in?

I actually have a multidevice ( windows , ios, android ) app that use synced and not sync ( local storage in device ) realm because they need work offline. I want expand search feature to use question answered by realm not sync. This realm db is pre-processed and only read and send ziped with app.

That response was not clear to me.

Are you asking if there is ML Vector Search built into Realm? Or… what kinds of searches do you want to expand to? Do you have a coding example? That may help clarify the question.

What i want is not need Atlas server to made vector search. I will generate a realm file that contains vector embedded. Send it to client. And in client made questions to this realm locally.

Realm is an offline first database e.g. data is stored locally so if you don’t want your Realm sync’d then… don’t sync it. The data will live on the device separate from Atlas.

Vector style “queries”… or really any kind of query, cannot be “embedded” in a Realm file. Realm files contain Realm objects and nothing more. Vectors and anything that manipulates the data are part of your code.

We did a few exploratory spikes a while ago - e.g. Vector search (k nearest neighbour/knn) by astigsen · Pull Request #6759 · realm/realm-core · GitHub. However, implementing vector search and supporting it at production quality is a fairly involved project and we haven’t seen sufficient commercial interest to justify the investment.

If you’re already an Atlas customer and this functionality is critical for your application, make sure to reach out to your AE as the more feedback points we get, the more confident we are that we’re building the right thing for the broadest possible customer base.


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