Validator categorized as malware

I’m not sure if I should report an issue or create a new topic on this forum. I’ve finally made up my mind about the latter.
The file validate_m320.exe for Windows 64bits has been categorized as malware by Panda Security (a WatchGuard brand). I’ve even handled a request for assistance and they’ve confirmed that it’s actually a dangerous file.
I’m not sure I can run it on a virtual machine, but I’m going to try. Anyway, it would be appropriate developers to study the problem and generate a new executable that did not test positive for this antivirus.

Thanks for your feedback @Jesus_Trujillo! We will look into this and fix the issue.

cc @Shubham_Ranjan , @yulia_genkina


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HI @Jesus_Trujillo,

Thanks for surfacing this to us. We will look into it.

~ Shubham