Validation Code Error


I have already installed all the requirements to run the app, but when I clicked on the status page to get the connection code it appears Currently Validating and the follow problems:

Does pytest -m connection works without errors?

Hi, I already ran the command and i got this:

Looks like the wrong username and password.

Sorry to bother, I have this in my .ini

I know that this what you have.

But the error message indicates that it cannot authenticate. And when I try to connect with the same username and password and cluster name, it also generates Bad Authentication.

Thank you very much for you help and patience!
What do you suggest to solve the problem?

Verify the username and password.

You may create another database user with the user name and password indicated in the course. I think it is m220student and m220password. Do not cut-n-paste when you create user name and password as sometimes white space or special quotes get cut-n-pasted without us noticing.

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