Validate taking more time

validate is taking more time , can you check and let me know if there is any mistake?

You hid the only thing we can use to help you.

Did you ran your aggregation pipeline?

A common error I saw was that rather than declaring pipeline like:

pipeline = [ { stage_1 } , { stage_2 } , ... , { stage_n } ]

it was declared as

pipeline = db.aggregations( [ { stage_1 } , ... ] )

issue was not with pipeline , as I have executed it separately and it worked, but it was with mongosh connection, you can check in the screen shot it was connecting to local one not the atlas cluster from the snapshot. can you let me know how to connect cluster from the mongo shell?

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Everything will work all the time if you run it on non existing data.

I think it is shown in the first chapter of M121 how to connect to the cluster.

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