Validate_m320 - command not found

I have downloaded the validator and updated the file permissions as suggested.
chmod 555 validate_m320

However running the command, my Mac does not identify it as a valid command:

validate_m320 --version
> zsh: command not found: validate_m320

Please help. I am on MacBook Air running macOS Catalina 10.15.7.
Much appreciate your help.

It could be path issue
Did you try ./validate_m320

Also validate_m320 --version is not a valid command as per another post
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Hi @Ravin_S

As @Ramachandra_Tummala indicated, this is very likely a path issue. Did running the command again as “./validate_m320” work for you?

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Thank you for your reply. This may not be a location issue because I was in the very directory where the the file is located. Even then I have already tried but you have suggested. The problem looks like it is not identified as an executable file. But again this is my guess. Has somebody run it in Mac OS catalina?

Then it could be shell issue
Switch to bash and try again

I think on Macos zsh is the default shell

Hi @Ravin_S

Did you follow the steps in Chapter 3: Patterns (Part 1) Guide to Homework Validation:
Specifically did you 1) change the file permissions?
chmod 555 validate_m320

and 2) did you approve the executable from your Security settings in your System Preferences?

This page have the instructions

These are covered in the lesson “Guide to Homework Validation”, if you haven’t already can you follow these steps and also double check this lesson to be sure?


Thank you my friend. This did the trick.

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Thank you Eoin… this was the problem too.

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