Validate_m320 chmod error

Hi, I am using a Windows 10 laptop. I have tried to follow/apply the instructions from Chapter 3: Patterns (Part 1)Guide to Homework Validation in CMD.
I have managed to move the .exe in a folder I have created in C:. However, when it comes to ‘chmod’ command it says the following:
‘chmod’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Then, I am not sure how to create that answer_schema.json file either.

Could you help? I am not sure if this question has already been answered.
Thank you.

chmod is a Unix/Linux command
It won’t work on Windows

You can use notepad to create your answer_schema.json file
You can get contents or structure of it from this link

Validate_m320 example –file answer_schema.json command not working on windows

In windows Command Prompt, you should use following steps:
1- Open the directory of validate_m320 by using the following command :
//Let say you validate_m320.exe is in c:\Users\YOURCOMPNAME\Documents\MongoDB and when you open the command prompt it is on C:\Users
C:\Users cd C:\Users\YOURCOMPNAME\Documents\MongoDB
You will see that on Command Prompt you will be at the validator directory like as follows :
2- At C:\Users\YOURCOMPNAME\Documents\MongoDB> <Copy & Paste> the validate_m320 pattern_subset --file pattern_subset.json commad here

3- The pattern_subject.json file which will modify at your IDE or Notepad or VSCode must be saved to the folder of validate_m320.exe. If it is not in same folder, the above command will give an error that it couldn’t find the pattern_subset.json file.